Our Investees

Since our establishment in 2003, we have developed strong relationships with investees globally. They share our belief in the huge opportunities that exist in growth markets and our desire to help build sustainable and vibrant businesses in various industries across sectors.

Champion Prefabs

Champion Prefabs brings you the concept of green homes and prefabricated quick to deploy solutions. Champion prefabs are Eco-friendly home built with the intention of curbing global warming for a greener mother earth. Our homes and prefabs are designed to meet all the requirements of residential, commercial and institutional buyers. Champion prefabs believe in keeping your environment cool, clean and GREEN.Read More


Aaboli focuses on meeting the exclusive needs of the modern woman. Every creation at Aaboli symbolizes the traditional yet modern woman. The collection at Aaboli appeals to the discerning modern women. Aaboli stands out from the crowd for its perfect blend of comfort, style and value. The fabric as well as the definitive style of the apparel makes a woman look smart and elegant enough to take on the world. Read More

Lake B2B

Lake B2B is a partnership between Lake Group Media and B2Bdatapartners. Lake B2B was founded on the premise of offering maximized revenue potential for all our customers through a strategic alliance. It brings to the front technical expertise, knowledge resources and combined business experience of over 70 years. Read More