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Experience uncompromised 24 X 7 X 365 Efficiencies

Assured Savings

Assured Savings

Save up on real-estate rentals by outsourcing data center hosting and work from home IT.

Available Space

Available Space

225,000 sq.ft work-ready space and manpower are available for your BPO and KPO team.

Adaptive SLAs

Adaptive SLAs

Contracts and SLAs that address data security, space, power and cooling needs.

Get Dedicated Lead Generation & Digital Campaign Outsourcing Teams

Lead Prospecting

Say Goodbye To Lead Prospecting Challenges With Accurate Customer Contact Intelligence.

Brand Awareness

Boost Your Brand Awareness Among The Hottest Leads By Outsourcing Video Production & Marketing.

Best Product

Create The Best Product & Service Landing Pages That Skyrocket Lead Generation & Intent Capture.

Best Experiences

Design & Deploy Best Experiences With Content That Compels Customers To Engage Or Convert.

Businesses Capabilities

lake B2B

Humanize Your Marketing With Personalized Experiences And Growth Teams

Discover the power of personalization with our dedicated and experienced campaign teams.

human element

By "human element," we mean "personalization," a buzzword in the world of marketing, and rightfully so, considering its effect on response rate and engagements.

personalized response

We bring you this personalized response with campaign-ready and operations-capable dedicated team of professional who can act as your support staff.

Power personalized response

Leverage the power personalized response to target audiences with your campaign ready-ready and operations-capable professional offsite workforce.

execute your productst

Get the best talent to execute your products and services pitches with their knowledge of Ad platforms, budgets and email marketing campaigns.

We combine the power of active customer contact data and intent intelligence

Our offsite marketing teams will help you win new deals despite the digital noise. We bring you a seasoned lead generation and marketing campaign team to help your customers discover you and pick your offering from the barrage of sales pitches from competitors.

If you’re looking to break through this noise with personalization on an impossible-to-ignore level, you’ve come to the right place!


Educate, Inform, and Build Trust

  • From The First Interaction (Lead Acquisition)
  • To Conversion Push (Tele Sales Support)
  • To HR & Payroll (Manage Talent)

Get Your 360 Degree Transparent Business With The Best Talent On-Board.

Find Your Remote Workforce To Fulfill Every Operational Need

vetted professionals

We help deploy vetted professionals from a talent pool that has exposure in global enterprise marketing and sales.

digital growth

Get your team of digital growth marketing experts who work for you without walls while covering all risks and ensuring limitless growth.

Discover The Best Team To Power Your Martech, Marketing Analytics And Marketing Automation To Drive Results

Data-Aware Manpower Can Help You Run & Manage:

Lead Generation And Scoring

Lead Generation And Scoring

Find An Experienced Offsite Team To Continuously Load Your CRM With New Fresh, Accurate And Profitable Lead Accounts With Contact Data.

Never Miss A Single Lead

Website Visitor Tracking

You Will Never Miss A Single Lead Who Has Come back To Pay A Visit To Your Website With A Purchase Intent or For More Product & Service Details.

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Achieve 5X More Social Media Driven Lead Opt-Ins For Your Brand Awareness, Offers, Educational Content, and Product Or Service Demos.

CRM Lead Data Cleansing

CRM Lead Data Cleansing

Get An Experienced Team To Remove Duplicate Records And Load The CRM With Accurate Leads Data To Transform It Into A Powerful Sales Machine.

Online Advertising & Media Planning

Online Advertising & Media Planning

Drive 20X More Returns On Investments And Budget Spends On Online Advertising With Monitoring Of Your Most Engaged And Qualified Leads

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Take Email Campaigns To The Next Level With Customized Journeys To Bring Your Prospective Buyers Into A Sales Conversation And Your Next Deal.

Outsource Anything

Outsource Anything

Go build amazing products the world is waiting for. Leave your business continuity challenges to the experts.


Calculate Savings With Staffing & Recruitment Support

Experience end-to-end payroll management and recruitment support.


Calculate Savings With Sales & Marketing Enablement

Experience full-funnel campaign set up and telcon sales support.


Calculate Savings With Lead Database Management

Experience offsite lead generation, prioritization and conversion.



is a global business conglomerate operating in verticals such as Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence Data & New Age Product Development

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