Champions Group Earns Great Place to Work Certification

We, at Champions Group foster a culture where all our employees have the opportunity to showcase their full potential while supporting each other through the pandemic. We ensure to create new opportunities and possibilities for the team by connecting them to the knowledge they require to succeed in a changing world.

Shedding light on what sets Champions Group apart as a grooming ground for next-gen business leaders who can also enjoy a balanced lifestyle, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Champions Group, Hema Malini Nidamanuri says, “We realize that workforce aspirations and life goals can mean many different things. There are many personal and unique work related aspirations that employees want to achieve.

We aspirations not only need a voice but also require a stable express and enhance strategy. We have embraced this challenge to merge individual goals with the company’s vision. Taking every employee along a balanced professional and personal growth journey, we have built a culture of ownership and pride among employees. Through effective employee communication, we are scaling up and aligning we company’s growth with the progress of each team member’s family happiness and personal goals satisfaction.

Here are some of the parameters based on which we have been adjudged as a “Great Place to Work”


Here are some of the key qualities that make our organization a great place to work.

Our organization is built on the value of Emancipation, Encouragement, and Empowerment. These three Elements define the environment at the workplace.

What we have come to realize is that employees need the freedom to express and device their own path to progress. They not only thrive in such an environment but take ownership of their respective departmental and functional goals.

Speaking about the active employee enhancing initiatives that the Champions Group Leadership has carefully strategized, Karthik N, Head of HR says, “At Champions Group, we undertake weekly sessions of employee huddles where team members get a chance to roll out solutions. The budgets are given right away for further actions and the team is therefore always given the feeling of empowerment. Anything under the sky can be discussed at these huddles, such as new tools, technology, new team members to be hired, new ways to enabling flexibility, etc. It is not a set agenda but the sole agenda of achieving the company’s vision – which is collectively discussed among team members to open-up on the course of action or course-correction that needs to be taken.”

There is no feeling of shy and everyone is encouraged to open-up as the leadership is groomed on listening skills. What we preach and practice at Champion’s Group is to be a listener and hold your breath with emotional maturity.


We have enshrined a leadership ethos in the organization to periodically undertake non-explicit feedback through casual discussions and dialogues. This feedback mechanism ensures that the HR and the immediate leadership of every team is comfortable enough to share their aspirations without feeling judged.

The process involves grooming the leaders first in communication methods that reflect empathy. Using this key element of empathy, the leader is encouraged to have their team peers open up about issues pertaining to goals that they want to achieve and the challenges they face in doing that.

Too many rules can sometimes put off people from being expressive and we believe in natural progression of the creative mind. Hence, we are practicing a passive and persuasive culture at Champions Group to make employees feel comfortable and embrace their superiors as family rather than team mates. This helps them share their innermost feelings and addressing insecurities.

This is a family and not a forum. It is a family that takes care of you and takes actions either one-to-one or in groups that are empathy driven and yet geared towards overall organization goals.


We ensure that everyone is a full member of the organization and can reach their highest potential.

We have an award and reward system for any who makes a positive impact to the organization to bring out every individuals best contribution, regardless of who they are or what they do.

On the individual and overall growth front, each year we follow TTSA process - Track, Train, and System & Appreciation.

  • Track how everyone performs and what they lack
  • Fill the Gap by Training
  • Set processes of KRA.
  • HROne and Salesforce for KRA Tracking and Appreciation
  • Keep Appreciating at each milestone to boost up positive energy.


Some of the core values and guiding principles of our organization that are put into practice are,

Personal Integrity, Prompt Fulfilment, Professional Development, and Positive Energy.
We take this as our guiding principles to continue growth.

  • Personal Integrity - We sell data, that is dynamic in today’s world, and replace the bad data at no cost to the customers.
  • Professional Development – We believe Learning leads to Earning. From classroom training to Mentor Mentee to Buddy System to Huddles on the Floor with best practice sharing, we do it every day and every way possible.
  • Positive Energy – We believe “Motivation is like taking breathing oxygen” – without motivation, workplace or physical will become lifeless. Therefore, to keep our employee spirits high, we have consciously endeavored to give out maximum spot appreciation letters, employee honoring internal communication and experiences which the employee’s family can enjoy and cherish.

Speaking about the various initiatives that Champions Group has launched for top performing employees, Chief Mentor and CEO, Subakar Rao Surapaneni says, “We are not only committed to appreciating employees in words but also in tangible outcomes that impact their quality of life. We are building assets for employees with life changing consequences through performance-linked housing incentives, discounted artisanal outdoor journeys and yoga sessions that benefits their entire family.”

He goes on to add, “Our Champion are now able to avail round-the-year wellness & healing programs, healthy nutritious packaged food, immune boosting diet and a breakaway from city life experience through stay at Champions Ranch, Yacht trips in Goa and Dubai, and there are many such initiatives that are underway to celebrate the success of our top-performing employees.”

Some of the key activities from HR Desk at Champions Group are:

Best Practices

  • Work from Ranch
  • 2 weeks Leave for COVID positive champions
  • 1cr Term Insurance for Top Leaders
  • COVID tests and Vaccination Drive
  • Champ.Fit – Immunity booster, Oxygen Concentrator
  • Health Checkups >100+
  • Meals for COVID effected champions family
  • Monthly Recognition by providing Amazon Vouchers
  • Nutritionist Consultations & webinars
  • Gym access with Personal trainer


  • Top 50 Super Champions Goodies on every month
  • Awards based on L&D sessions
  • 10+hrs Work logs
  • A+ Grade appreciation
  • >$10+Deal appreciation
  • 10 % Bonus for base salary
  • Thanks giving Bonanza
  • TOP DC appreciations
  • Monthly Top Sales Champions
  • HROne Badges and Bravo champion

Employee Engagement

  • Birthday Celebration
  • Year Completion
  • Valentine’s day celebration
  • Children's day
  • Women’s day Celebration
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s day
  • Wedding Anniversaries
  • 25+ Videos
  • Tirupati Bookings
  • Goldenpalms Bookings
  • Goa Booking
  • New Joiners welcome kit & Cruiser Trip


Strategy, business direction, and goals are developed and communicated across the organization to ensure a successful business.

  • As our Mission is "Enabling Growth" for our Clients & Champions, we value our employees and customers the same. Both are important to us like two sides of a coin, and that’s what have brought us to where we are today - from a single entity business to a conglomerate.
  • We decide on the Business Strategy once a year during December and communicate to the entire company via town hall meetings and internal tools.

Leaders discuss and decide the business direction and communicate it top down. The goals are finalized through brainstorming based on our immediate past experience, the current affairs, new ideas and possibilities. All these are communicated to the entire organization through multiple internal channels.


We involve our employees in developing new ideas and better ways of doing things to result in real improvements of the overall performance.

  • Each year at the end of December, we conduct a “Strategy Session” with all our team head and leaders, where we discuss on the good & bad during the year and what changes to bring in the following year.

We also decide on the goal for next calendar year. We are also open to hearing from all the employees at any level throughout the year (Open Door Policy).

This Strategy Session is unique as the collective ideas from across the organization reaches our table through team heads & leaders and we publically appreciate the employee/team/leader for the best idea.

This open to idea improves Camaraderie within the team and the people in organization working towards a common goal. These ideas helps is in Year on Year growth.